Month: December 2018

Intro to Philosophy Welcomes Two New Editors!

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The Introduction to Philosophy series blazes along, and represents a great example of what can happen when a community comes together around open textbook creation. To join the momentum, get involved as an author or reviewer, or join the project to add your expertise as a copyeditor or proofer, to help with formatting and design,Keep reading “Intro to Philosophy Welcomes Two New Editors!”

November Office Hours: License to…? (Audio Transcript)

Office Hours

Watch the video recording of this Office Hours session, or keep reading for a full transcript.  Note: If anyone would prefer to not be associated with their comments in this transcript, please contact Apurva ( as soon as possible and we will remove any names or other identifying information. Audio Transcript Speakers: Robin DeRosa MahaKeep reading “November Office Hours: License to…? (Audio Transcript)”

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