New OT project: Northern & Indigenous Health and Healthcare

Rebus is pleased to announce a new open textbook project on Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare to be launched in August 2018. This textbook is organized and edited by Dr. Heather Exner-Pirot and the University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Nursing Education.

The provision of northern health care entails many unique challenges and circumstances that are rarely represented in mainstream health sciences education. The Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare open textbook seeks to fill this void. It contains 40 short chapters from a variety of experts, academics, and practitioners from across the eight circumpolar countries on five themes:

  • Health issues in northern and Indigenous communities
  • Health systems and governance
  • The social determinants of health in northern and Indigenous communities
  • Culture and health
  • Professional practice in rural/remote/isolated communities

Head to the Rebus Community forum or contact Heather for more information and ways to contribute!

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